The Xiaomi Mi Notebook came a bit out of nowhere last year, but surprised us all with a solid bunch of specs and battery life. Now we have some leaks saying that the Xiaomi Mi Notebook 2 is ready for debut and it will do so in April, this year.

Xiaomi is making a ton of items, so nobody’s surprised they’re into notebooks right now. They also make air purifiers and conditioners, connected objects, tablets and more. The second gen Mi Notebook Air is going to debut in April, with a thin metal build, like the predecessor and rumor has it that it will be even slimmer. The device is expected to made of lithium-magnesium alloy and sadly we don’t have specs yet.

One would expect the latest Intel Core CPUs, a solid amount of RAM, around 8 GB let’s say, Full HD or higher screens and a 13 inch and 12 inch version. The battery may improve further and I wouldn’t be surprised if Xiaomi also threw in a touch bar like on the latest MacBook Pro. Expect prices to be kept below $1000.