Xiaomi didn’t only launch the Mi 9 flagship phone today, but also a smart speaker. The device is the XiaoAI Touchscreen and it’s a smart speaker meant to rival the Google Home Hub. Let’s check it out.

Part big speaker, part tablet, the device is supposed to be the hub for all things AI and Internet of Things for Xiaomi. At the core of everything sits the XiaoAI smart assistant. Xiaomi actually launched a series of smart speakers, integrated with the assistant, but very few or none of them have reached the West. Now there’s a new model, that could make the jump.

The XiaoAI Touchscreen speaker is very similar to both the Google Home Hub and Lenovo Smart Display. The newcomer is actually quite different from the predecessor and it comes with a 4 inch display, that shows a custom digital clock. The screen can be used to select music, watch videos and install a variety of apps.

There’s an alarm clock in the mix, the Tencent Q music library and there’s also integration with smart home gadgets, like smart doorbells, cameras and more. There’s no pricing or availability, but there will be a beta test from February 28th. It’s likely we’ll learn more at MWC 2019.