Another Microsoft official has spilled the beans regarding the future release of the desktop OS, revealing it will be free for Windows 8 users. The president of Microsoft Indonesia, Andreas Diantoro is the one who revealed the information.


It came during an interview with the Indonesian site Detik and to be honest, I remember hearing a rumor about a free release of Win 9 a while ago. The Technology Preview of the OS is only a few days away, but so far, so good. The start menu is back, the tiles aren’t forced down your throat anymore, so everyone is happy. The debut event of the OS takes place on September 30th and recently a Microsoft France official hinted that the OS will be indeed called Windows 9.

The codename Threshold was applied till now. We also know it will be possible to run Metro apps in a desktop window and Windows 9 will also get a notification center and Cortana among others. I’ve also heard it through the grapevine that the OS has been already leaked on torrent sites…