It was a big day yesterday for Microsoft fans, who got to see an interesting Windows 8 tablet concept, that’s also pictured below. The next-gen device was shown during a Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference presentation.

This mystery slate show an UI similar to the one of WP7, a detail that has been stated a number of times till now. Windows Phone boss Andy Less recently claimed that tablets will never get WP7, although we’ve seen some ports recently. The purpose of Win 8 and the tablet that it will run on is doing everything a PC can do.

However, Microsoft built Win 8 not only for tablets, but also for desktops, so everyone will be pleased. With recent rumors of Xbox 360 games support in the next Windows, things can’t get any better than this. Now, I’m curious what company will take on the production of the mystery tablet. Maybe HP… what about Dell or maybe a surprise like ASUS, Acer or HTC?