There are an increasing number of voices that state that Canonical’s Ubuntu is about the best and most user-friendly Linux distro out there. With the developers announcing the mobile version of the Ubuntu system it becomes very obvious that its attractiveness has even further grown.


Canonical seems to get it support from wherever it can manage it and the latest source is as powerful as they come. It would seem that one Government in particular has fond the features that the Ubuntu Linux distro offers, including in terms of support and security, are most pleasing. So it would seem that Canonical has won another big contractor, willing to use a special version of its OS for the most sensitive purposes.

The Chinese Government is willing to integrate a specialized latest version 13.04 Ubuntu release for its military purposes. Canonical will be required to develop a Chinese-flavored version of the popular Linux distribution, in collaboration with China’s National University of Defense Technology. Canonical chief executive Jane Silber recently stated, referring to the project:

“This collaboration will bring local investment and participation to ensure that the platform is relevant for the Chinese market, and close coordination with the global Ubuntu project ensures that it is familiar to software and hardware vendors, and useful for export products made by Chinese companies as well,”