Windows 8 has just leaked, in the prerelease form, that shows some love for the tablet segment. The build number available shows a progress to a version intermediary between Milestone 2 and Milestone 3 and the software is reaching the torrent sites as we speak, but we advise you to be careful when messing with such code, as hackers might just be fooling around with it.

Meanwhile, we get to have a look at the browser screenshot below, that seems to be focused on a touch experience and ideal for tablets. We’ve previously heard that we were going to see some prototypes of Windows 8 tablets this summer, but no actual device was shown till now. Since there are quite a bunch of Win 7 slates out there, not quite delivering when it comes to touch experience, an improvement is welcome.

There’s also a new feature showcased here, called History Vault and pictured below. This one allows Windows 8 users to backup data using the Shadow Copies feature in the OS. You can even restore a specific time or date in the system and select certain files for restoring. Looking forward for a video of the software in action, from those who dared to play with the code.