The Windows 8.1 update brought back the Start button, but only theoretically, since it doesn’t do what the old one did, at least not when you left click it. Now there’s a concept of Windows 8.2 that actually makes the new Start button menu look more appealing than the old one.


This design was created by Windows user Jay Machalani and features a traditional pop up Start menu, but a more dynamic and complete one. It also manages to include some lives in the mix, keeping the Windows 8 trademark UI intact. You still have the option of going to the Live Tile Start screen by pressing the Windows button at the bottom of the tablet screen, as shown in the video below.

I sure hope that Microsoft is seeing this and fingers crossed to see such an implementation on Windows 8.2. With Steve Ballmer gone, a new crew in place (hopefully) and such good concepts out there, there’s no excuse to deliver a poor Windows 8 update next year… is there?