The folks of have created a list of the things they expect to see in Windows 8.2, the follow-up release to Windows 8.1, that was released just weeks ago.


We’ll get some changes related to the Start Menu, as usual. Windows 8.1 theoretically brought it back, but not with the functionality we used to know. Microsoft did include it in the experience, but pressing the left mouse button now takes the user to the Metro screen, while pressing the right click opens the familiar menu. Well, Win 8.2 is supposed to give us back the left click action.

The info mentioned here includes a release date for the software, which is around January 2014, very soon in terms of update time frames. Apparently there was a huge amount of bugs in Windows 8.1, that’s why the need is dire for a quick update. Windows 8.1 RT got so bad it had to be pulled from the store, apparently.

This will also be a free update like Win 8.1 and there will also be a new Internet Explorer included, with yet another speed boost. Finally, the new Windows 8 release will restore the File Explorer library by default. What do you make of these presumed changes?