Boy, do we love infographics? They usually give us a clear view on what’s happening in a certain field at a certain moment. This time, social media listening firm Mashwork analyzed Twitter conversations and found out what people think about Win 8.

The time frame that was analyzed was June 15th – September 22nd and the result was pretty good, as people are positive about the new platform. 65,968 tweets were made and they regarded the Microsoft BULD conference, or at least most of them did. The bulk of the chatter came from developers, plus tech experts and early adopters of the OS.

15% of tweets were people sharing their reactions about the platform, most with positive feedback: 47% were happy with Windows 8 and its features, while 20% were skeptical. 17,811 of the Win 8 tweets made comparisons between the operating system and iOS or Android, with Win 8 once again being praised for innovation. 63% of the tweets that compared Windows 8 to iOS,  favored the MS solution.

You might also want to know that 41% of the tweets focused on features, while 34% of the people cared about the 8 second boot time and 24% were chatting about the Xbox integration. 20% of them discussed the Metro UI used on the platform and 22% seemed to care about live tiles and cloud solutions. And now, here’s the infographic for more details: