In an attempt to rival Apple’s separation for iPad apps in the App Store and their many optimized games and applications, Google decided to give better visibility for Android apps for slates.


The idea here is to trigger a certain selection of apps if you’re accessing the Play Store from a tablet and in case you’re looking for a specific handset app that’s not there, then you’ll find it with the mark “designed for phones”, if that’s the case. You can also opt to get the unfiltered list of apps on your tablet and to do that you need to select All Apps from the drop down menu.

Manual search results won’t be filtered, though. Google wants to improve the discovery process of tablet apps, but frankly speaking, I would have been more happy with a clear list saying Tablet Apps and that’s it. There’s also an ambiguous category of apps that just function on tablets, but are not exactly optimized for such devices.  What do you make of this evolution?