Windows 8.1 Build 1 leaked recently and it seems that it will bring a new feature, that has been detailed on the web. The disk space feature will be available here, aside from improved access to the OS with a keyboard and mouse.


Winsupersite claims that it has come across a brand new Disk Space feature in the leaked build of the Update 1, a function that will make it easier for people who want to manage their Modern UI apps and their storage space via a touch based UI. The Disk Space function can be accessed in the PC Settings area, where you can see how much storage space there is left on the PC.

That’s shown at the top and below that indicator you can find a trio of menu choices, with the first points being the total amount of storage occupied by Modern UI apps, plus a See My App Sizes link. If you press that you can see the App Sizes utility, where you can uninstall individual apps.