Microsoft has unleashed the first software update for the Windows 10 Technical Preview for Enterprise. This is the very first update ever since MS offered the early version of the platform to the public on October 1st.


The big novelty here is the Action Center, that’s basically the notification center area on the platform. This means the Action Center from Windows Phone is ported to the PC The build is focused on enabling basic notifications, like quick actions. A cleaner UI will be offered a bit later. You will get notifications from the system and apps, including new emails and IMs, as well as Facebook posts and more.


The new update will also allow the user to move their active app from one monitor to another if they have multiple displays. They will employ the keyboard shortcut Win + Shift + to make the move. After this new 9860 build is installed, users will receive a new option in the Update and Recovery section, which is “Fast” or “Slow”. The default one is “slow”, but if you opt for fast, you’ll get the build just as it comes out.

If you want to wait for the community feedback and fixes, you’d best leave it to slow. The update takes around 2 GB to 2.74 GB.