Today’s piece of info and leak regarding Windows 10 has a lot of speculation in it, so beware! First things first! We learned that Microsoft could be working on a light version of Windows 10, for lighter weight devices, like the Surface RT.

It could be a basic replacement for Win RT and hints from from the new Windows 10 SKU, internally called Cloud Shell. The name Windows 10 Cloud also popped up internally and it’s not very clear if the Cloud Shell is separate from the CShell or not (that being Microsoft’s upcoming modular shell for Windows 10). A light version of Windows 10 is a logical step, since the platform is coming to ARM soon.

We could see Windows 10 Mobile left behind in favour of the Windows 10 on ARM in that lightweight flavour. Or it could just be a special version for lower specced tablets and laptops. I’ll go one step further and think about an alternative: why not have a Chrome OS and Chromebook alternative and create a Windows 10 Cloud, a platform available for free straight from the cloud, working on the lowest specced laptops?

All of that is speculation for now, so let’s wait for more info.