Even at the moment we don’t know for sure when Windows 10 will be available in stores, those who can’t wait so much time can test some Preview variants of this OS on their WP devices or desktop. The guys from WinBeta recently got their hands on the 10114 Build of Windows 10 desktop, and in the video below we can see some of the improvements and changes packed now.

Windows 10 Build 10114 (2)

Among the first things we see is the Start Menu brings some updates in terms of interface and size. We notice the semi-transparent dark theme applied and the fact that the menu can’t be extended on the full screen. The power button and the File Explorer one have been moved now on the bottom of the screen.

Windows 10 Build 10114 (1)

In the same time we’ll be able to choose from Settings that the Start menu to be showed up as in the Windows 8.1 proprietary style. Other changes we can see in the Insider Hub app, and that we can choose a dark theme for some apps, just as pictured above.