The idea of a “new” Nokia tablet with Windows sounds strange now, but what we’re dealing with here is actually a discontinued product. The Lumia 2520 got to be the only Nokia tablet ever with Windows on board, but it had a successor, that didn’t make it to the market. That successor is partially pictured below.


Codenamed Nokia RX-115/RX-116, this device runs Windows RT version 8.1, an OS that’s basically dead right now. The specs aren’t very different from the Lumia 2520, leading us to believe this is only a small upgrade from the original model. We also spot a camera module, that reminds us of a Lumia 830 rather than your average slate.

A tablet with a Pureview/Zeiss camera is still something unheard of and very few slates on the market can pride themselves with good camera. This product is both bad and good, bad because it runs Windows RT and good because of the camera and the unique design. Well, I guess we’ll never see it become reality, certainly not with these specs.