On any platform, tower defense titles are highly appreciate among gamers. There are some rules when it comes to this type of games, that once met will make the experience a not so easy to forget one. Defense Zone HD combines all the specific elements of it’s kind, in a manner that will keep you tied to the phone/tablet for hours in a row.

You think you’ve got what it takes to beat the vast hordes of enemies coming your way? Think again! This game will not make it easy for you. More so once you change the difficulty level. Defense Zone HD is a military tower defense in which the purpose is to defend yourself and destroy massive waves of enemies that will come either from the ground or by air. You earn points in the traditional way set by this type of titles, which you can then use to place new weapons as they become available, or you can upgrade the existing ones. You will test your strategic skills throughout ten levels, each at a certain rank of difficulty. Be aware, certain types of weapons are effective against certain types of enemies. Use the missilery for air attacks and leave the ground troops to the guns.  You of course get the pause button, great for when you need to rethink your strategy and the fast forward button, just so you don’t get bored. Each level is composed of a number of waves of enemies to be eliminated in order advance to the next level. The info bar, placed in the top row of the screen, hold all the useful info, like the number of the wave of enemies or the amount of points/money available. A unique characteristic for this title is the ability to set the tower’s behavior.  One can set it to shoot the strongest of enemies, the weakest or the nearest one.


At the moment, Defense Zone HD is offered at a discount price, for both iOS and Android. Find the iOS version here (looks great on the retina display of the new iPad) and the Android version here. There are also lite versions, in case you want to try before you buy.

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