We already knew that ASUS was going to bring its A game to Computex 2012 and that includes Windows 8 tablets, but now Acer and Toshiba are also supposed to be delivering similar products, also at Computex. At least so says Bloomberg, quoting sources close to the situation.

Next week in Taipei we’ll see Computex starting and ASUS already teased everyone with what looks like a dual boot Windows 8 + Android slate. This is the last tech show before the summer and fall release of Windows 8. We’ll see Intel-based slates from Acer and a Toshiba tablet based on a Texas Instruments ARM processor, plus an Intel and ARM Windows 8 product from ASUS. The ASUS ARM tablet will rely on a Tegra chip from Nvidia and adopt the same detachable keyboard form factor from the Transformer line. This could be the dual boot model we’ve been hearing about.

Bloomberg also sees Qualcomm demoing Windows 8 on a Snapdragon CPU. Just so you know, ASUS will host a press conference on Monday, June 4th at 15:00 local time. We’ll get more info as the days go on and probably we’ll get some leaked videos or photos of the upcoming slates.