Iron Force is one of the many games that capitalize on the success of World of Tanks and give us a vaguely similar experience. This is a free game, available on iOS and I’ve tested it on the iPad Mini. The title comes from Chillingo and it’s a freemium.

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First of all, the game is based more on multiplayer fighting than on single player. This game is free, but it has a lot of paid limitations. For example tank upgrades and tank themselves cost a lot and there’s also the concept of fuel. That runs out every once in a while, so you have to stop playing for a bit or pay up.

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And now to the gameplay… You will fight in multiplayer mode with a variety of players from other countries, some with better and faster tanks, some with proper rust buckets like yours. Usually the tanks are very slow, so I suggest you invest a lot in the speed area of the tank. The game may be a cash cow, but you can have some fun in the 3 minute rounds of free for all or team battles.

The maps are kind of small and action is a bit limited, till you level up and you can access functions like zooming in or nitrous. We give this game a 7 out of 10 and you can download it from here.