Walt Mossberg is a famous American journalist and the main technology columnist for The Wall Street Journal. He’s had amazing talks and interviews with Steve Jobs and the likes, so he’s a very respected voice in the tech community. Today he gives his take on the iPad Pro.

walt mossberg

He claims that although he’s a tablet man, or better said an iPad Man, but he also loves his MacBook Air. In spite of using the tablet for consuming content, Walt Mossberg also relies on it for productivity sake. In spite of that there are many tasks that the laptop is more suited for. The iPad Pro came to contradict the usual paradigms and offered a big tablet and a keyboard accessory, that’s very reliable.

Even Walt Mossberg claims he wrote the entire column on Re/code using an iPad Pro with the Apple Smart Keyboard. In the end the iPad Pro 12.9 inch is a huge tablet and its screen feels just as large as the 13.3 inch screen on the MacBook Air, but with much larger resolution. In spite of all the praise and productivity, the iPad Pro may be beautiful and thin, but it’s a jumbo size device that’s not very comfy to hold and use comfortably for long periods.

The optional keyboard case was also called “disappointing” by the same author, since it’s considered a “shallow Mac keyboard”. And another problem was the apps’ penchant for not making use of the entire huge screen estate of the 12.9 inch display. The conclusion of the piece was that while the tablet does not replace a laptop, it’s certainly a killer graphics tool, in tandem with the Apple Pencil. I guess the next 12 inch Apple tablet will solve those problems…