It appears that this Christmas tablets were hotter items than smartphones, or so show the latest figures from Flurry Analytics. They’re showing a record breaking 17.4 million Android and iOS device activations on December 25th, with tablets owning the bulk of the activations.


This means that on the day when Santa came there were more Android and iOS devices activated this year than on any other day of 2012. This represents an increase of 332% compared to the average 4 million activations per day, plus compared to last year’s numbers the new ones are huge. Back in 2011 on Christmas Day there were only 6.8 million devices activated. Once the devices were activated there followed an avalanche of app installs and downloads, with 328 million applications downloaded on the new devices.

Flurry’s figures also show that for the first time tablets took 51% of all activations, while smartphones got 49% of the Christmas Day activations. The most activated units were the iPad, iPad Mini and the Kindle Fire HD 7 inch version. The same research firm claims that Amazon had a very good performance in the tablet area, growing by a few thousands percent over the baseline of tablet activations in early December. Is there any room for Surface RT in these stats?