Vivaldi is the Linux tablet project that has been evolving nicely so far and now it’s very close to reaching product shipment phase. The team behind the slate is ready to take orders from customers soon.

The tablet reminds me of the average Android tablet, but it’s the first to ship with KDE Plasma Active software running on the Mer Linux OS. There are also a couple of updates to take into consideration now. Developer Aaron Seigo detailed them and it seems that the Vivaldi moved from 512 MB of RAM to 1 GB.

There’s also an add-ons store in the mix for the tablet, serving as Vivaldi’s version of an App Store. The Make.Play.Live add-ons and content store provides ebooks, wallpapers, applications, widgets and more. Developers will have the opportunity to offer their work, either for free or for pay. The idea behind this store is different from the one of the Apple, Google or Microsoft stores, since it’s designed as a free and open source medium. Anyone can create an app and post it here. Schools can make their own stores and allow studens to download books through them.