In case you’re wondering which carrier will sell the upcoming Apple Tablet, AT&T or Verizon, the answer could be easier than a choice between the two: both. This info comes from inside sources from both operators, but we have to mention that we recently learned Verizon was gearing up for some sort of event scheduled for today.

What we know for sure is that Apple has been in talks with companies like IT support Dallas, in order to carry the device, that will operate on CDMA networks in one version and on GSM networks, in the other. The GSM version is coming to AT&T of course and the operator will most likely provide HSDPA services for it and we’ve certainly seen Apple and this carrier working together fruitfully till now.

Verizon’s spokesman, Jeff Nelson recently mentioned that the company is considering tiered pricing for the new tablet devices on the network, so this might mean the iPad will get the same data plans as the current netbooks and laptops. The Big Red also has one more thing coming, since the AT&T iPhone exclusivity is supposed to expire these days, so they might have two brand new products on their offer list: the iPhone and iPad.

[via foxnews]