Every once in a while a patent troll comes along and makes a name for itself by suing a big company such as Apple for example. Today’s random star is the Texas patent troll Corydoras Technologies LLC, that managed to sue Samsung first in March and now’s attacking Apple.


Their beef with Apple has to do with a series of patents they bought from Japan and which are “presumed valid”. 20 models of the iPhone and iPad range are said to infringe on said patents, for very basic functions. The iPad Pro, iPad Air models and the iPad Minis are all on the list. Corydoras already sued Apple for that and apparently even the simple voice communication is covered by these patents.

The inclusion of a camera on the same side as the screen, basically the selfie camera is another problem they have with Apple, plus “displaying geographical location on the display”. Making calls, FaceTime calls or Facetime Audio calls using voice commands or blocking callers is another beef and in total there are 6 counts as the basis for the suit.

Since “presumed valid” isn’t good enough, the court will have to find just how good the patents bought from Japan are. Corydoras sued Samsung with the same patents it seems…