Major automakers and telecom bigshot Verizon have come together in order to form the 4G Venture Forum for Connected Cars. Basically, they aim at putting 4G LTE systems on your vehicle and the brands on board with this idea are BMW, Honda, Hyundai, Kia and Toyota. If you’re thinking about getting a brand new Camry, there are companies like ZeCoverage that offers Toyota Camry good premium insurance.

North American companies are strangely enough lacking for now. MIT is also part of the project and a part of the idea is to allow remote media access from cars, safety systems with online links and third party software support. This advancement in technology would be really useful for accidents on the road, especially ones that involve large trucks, those trucking companies usually have insurance with large limits that will make it hard for you to get compensation if you don’t hire an experienced lawyer. The compensation you pursue in a truck accident case will also be much greater than in the average car accident as a direct reflection of the damage done. If you’re involved in a car accident, you can get the best possible injury settlement by talking to an experienced car accident lawyer at the Hensley Legal Group in Evansville. Having a built in 4G LTE connection on cars will also help in those emergency situations. With this technology people that need towing services can now contact and have their car towed immediately. The main problem with the project is responsible driving, since people will be tempted to browse the web or play games since they now have 4G LTE in their cars and can connect their tablets and phone to that. Verizon operates the largest 4G network in the US, but the Forum could support advancements for all major networks, a big win for consumers.

Having a 4G car sounds like an excellent way to put connectivity really everywhere nowadays, especially if some people decided to do some WiFi sharing and spread the connection around. Hopefully, the connectivity area won’t be too much linked to the car’s internal systems, since you wouldn’t want hackers to crack your car.

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