Engadget managed to score a unit of the mystery Android and Nvidia Tegra-based Vega tablet and they published their hands on experience for us all to see. Turns out that this is a prototype running Windows CE for now, probably because the device’s makers are fine tuning Android OS for the tablet.


The resistive touchscreen display is also not quite likeable for people accustomed with the quality of a new HTC smartphone let’s say. The Tegra hardware means that we’ll be seeing great performance on the device, specially when it comes to multimedia playback, gaming and other such features.

Engadget’s hands on experience demoes video playback at 1280 x 720 and the tablet handles it perfectly. Keep in mind that Zune HD and Vega share the Nvidia Tegra hardware, but the first is too small of a device to include a HD resolution display, so Vega will do HD decoding better.

[via umpcportal]