Wikipad has been rumored to be behind some very interesting products, including a 10-inch Android tablet device. The rumors stated that it might be available in 2013 but it looks like the manufacturer has abandoned the ideea and made a more interesting product.


Gaming oriented Android devices have had their share of success and this is a fact every manufacturer should be aware of. As the market evolves, we look at devices coming from Project Kickstarter and consoles like OUYA to revolutionize the world of gaming on the Android platform. Wikipad is also prepared to bring its own contribution to the bunch, with the help of their latest product. The device comes after many delays and some were even saying it was abandoned. The original Wikipad would have been powered by a Tegra 3 chip and supplied with a 10.1-inch display, note very confortable for gaming.

Devices in the Nexus 7 category, supporting a modest display size but with a very good resolution, have proven very attractive to mobile gamers around the world. So does Wikipad’s upcoming 7-inch tablet, offering the 1280 x 800 pixels resolution and with a gaming oriented design and features. The manufacturer has placed the screen on the middle and designed the buttons on each side of the screen, along with an overall ergonomic shape we usually see on gamepads and controllers. The device runs a Tegra 3 chip and it will be forced to compete with NVidia’s Project Shield and Sony’s PS Vita. Fortunately the $249 price is on its side.