In May this year, when the Galaxy S IV will already be out there and launches will calm down a bit, we’ll get to witness Google’s I/O 2013 event, that will debut the new Android and most likely one or two new Nexus devices. Those are rumored to also include a new 7 inch tablet, a new Nexus 7 if you want.


Rumors are saying that we should expect a Full HD display on the new Nexus 7 instead of the 1280 x 800 pixel display of the predecessor. Pacific Crest analyst Michael McConnell believes that Google won’t cooperate with Nvidia this time, but rather with Qualcomm and the new tablet will have a quad core Snapdragon S4 Pro chip, unlike the first Nexus 7, that relied on Nvidia Tegra. He quotes supply chain sources, saying that Google selected the Snapdragon APQ8064 over the Tegra 4 for two reasons.

One of them is competitive pricing and the other is the decision to single source the CPU and 3G/4G modem from the same company, Qualcomm. Google is estimated to have sold about 6 million Nexus 7 devices until now and the new Nexus 7 could be shipped in more than 10 million units before this year is out.