The iPad is undoubtedly the most popular tablet out there, especially in the consumer segment, but what about corporate/enterprise? This is a segment that RIM and HP should be fighting for, with the BlackBerry PlayBook being actually a decent option. However, there’s room for more competitors, since the upcoming slates with Intel processors will take on the likes of RIM and Apple.

Intel’s Oak Trail processor is favorite to be included in the future tablets, that will focus on security/encryption, enterprise features, corporate email and whatnot, as long as it’s in the enterprise biz. Once Windows 8 arrives, thing will start to look different and maybe Microsoft will begin to have a say in the tablet segment.

One example of a tablet for corporate environments with Intel technology on board is the NEC 10 inch VersaPro VK15V/TM-C device. This one packs a 1.5GHz Intel Atom Z670 chipset (the first Intel Oak Trail processor), plus 2GB of DDR2 RAM and a 64GB SSD for memory. Windows 7 Professional is the OS of choice.