While most companies are announcing new tablets each week, we’ve just learned that one OS that has been neglected on portable devices will be hitting this segment. Apparently, Canonical, the folks behind the Ubuntu version of Linux are planning to release a version of the platform specifically created for touchscreen tablets.

Chris Kenyon, Canonical’s VP of OEM claims that we’ll see a version of Ubuntu for tablets at the start of 2011. However, one might only hope that Canonical learned from their mistakes in the past, when they ported their platform to netbooks and this resulted in a failed initiative and a not so user-friendly OS.

They’ll need to adjust to the needs of touch device users and already Canonical claims that Ubuntu can compete with Android, MeeGo and iOS in the tablet OS segment. This touch Linux will be based on the upcoming Ubuntu 10.10 aka Maverik Meerkat. The touch-friendly version of the OS will be called Ubuntu Light and it’ll be a hybrid between the Netbook Remix, plus tablet features.

[via mobilitysite]