Frankly I’ve had it with Samsung and their diagonal sizes… They’ve got a 7 inch tablet, a 10.1 inch one, an 8.9 inch, a 11 incher with Windows 8 and finally that Galaxy Note 5+ inch thingie… I hope they’re not listening to this, since I have news about yet another panel size: 6.1 inches, thanks to a new type of display created by Toshiba.

Actually it’s Toshiba Mobile Display Co, Japan that created the innovation, a 6.1 inch display with a great 2560 x 1600 pixel resolution called WQXGA. The result is an incredible 496 ppi, that would make even Apple drool right now. Meanwhile, the iPhone 4S offers a mere 326 ppi and that’s a landmark nowadays.

Toshiba’s new panel offers a viewing angle of 176 degrees, contrast ratio of 1000:1 and support for 16 million colors. The maker of the screen won’t say when this will go into production, but I’m sure that some major companies are already making orders right now.