Apparently, being a thief is not enough, so some people go ahead and steal from charity shops and they’re also picky about what they lift, returning the goods. This happened in the UK, where Cristopher Hooson tried to donate back the Android tablet he took from a charity shop.


It was Whitley Bay charity shop that got robbed and ten 8 days later received the slate back. The man tried to give it for charity, like a regular customers, but the employees and CCTV cam proof quickly revealed he was the initial thief. Hooson claims he just put the slate in the back and forgot he had it, also forgetting to pay the 50 quid it was worth.

The excuse didn’t hold up in court, where he was ordered to pay 75 quid fine and a few dozens of quid more for the offence. It’s unclear why Hooson couldn’t work the device, but apparently it was lacking some “equipment”, as he claims. That goes to show, that some people are evil enough to steal from charity and also bold enough to bring back what they stole… What a character!