The main characteristic of the Apple devices has been the power of the GPU. It takes a very good such component to push the very high number of pixels of the Retina Display not to mention the graphic-intensive titles available and the photo processing software that Apple offers.

The 4th Generation iPad is powered by the Apple made A6X chipset. It is said to be extremely fast and hold unquestionable advantages over the one found in the New iPad (3). The Apple A6X is also power efficient, while offering the best performance in its class.  The folks at AnandTech thought they could find what makes the 4th iPad tick so they decided to get a more detailed look at some of the component found inside.

Apple iPad 4th Gen runs on the latest GPU by PowerVR. The SGX 554 was set to feature in some other chipsets, including one from Texas Instruments. It offers unprecedented performance and is able to hold it own and be faster then the competing Adreno 320 GPU on the Snapdragon S4 Pro and the ARM made Mali 400 MP. It has double the number of SIMDs of the iPad 3′s GPU and should offer twice the performance. The architecture contains 2 sets of 4 identical sub-cores and one central core. It is also clocked at least 15% higher then the previous gen and scores over 65% better results in GLBenchmark.