Reports about shorter than usual lines in front of Apple Stores all over the world came in yesterday, but today it appears that in spite of the lack of public, the iPad Mini was sold out. The product has been available since yesterday morning and it’s already sold out, which is actually impressive, considering this is a launch with smaller queues than usual.

Reports say that the 7.9 inch iPad sold out in less than 3 hours at the Fifth Avenue New York City store, plus many other locations all over USA. UK, Singapore, Canada and other locations reported similar lack of units on stock. It’s not yet clearly known how many iPad Minis were moved during the first day and I guess we’ll find out in a couple of weeks, or at worst at the next Apple launch, since the Cupertino giant usually brags about numbers.

Official word about first weekend preorder figures should come in on Monday, so we look forward to that. For now we can say that demand and response have been great and that the initial stock was so low, that even limited demand exhausted it. Apple’s partners are hard pressed to make enough displays for all the iPads, including the iPad 3, 4 and Mini. Is that the cause of smaller stocks, or are people really secretly amped about the launch?