The hottest devices in the 7-inch tablet category is the Nexus 7. The iPad Mini and its 7.9-inch display is also said to feature in this category, even if the price is somewhat high compared to the competition. While the build quality of the Google device has been praised by many, even if just tough plastic, Apple is still considered the champion when it comes to their choice of materials for their devices.

How will the all-plastic Nexus 7 fare against the iPad Mini? Both are lightweight  thin and very sturdy. It is one test you would not want to miss. Without wanting to spoil the result I must tell you: Apple is still the champion when it comes to device manufacturing. While both devices suffered heavy damage, something to be expected considering their size, the iPad Mini finished the test in a working state, as opposed to the Asus manufactured device.

We don’t buy them to test their resistance to drops but accidents do happen. Still, one aspect is to be considered. Given the price of the Nexus 7 the tablet can be prepared with minimum cost or even replaced with the purchase of a new one. With the iPad Mini things aren’t that simple. Enjoy the video by Android Authority below: