The Four Tablet concept is a creation of Marko Vuckovic, a device that measures 143 x 235 mm and as an original feature, this unit seems to be intended for home use only. Also, this slate can be hung on walls as some sort of digital painting.

The Four also displays weather forecasts, as shown in the images here and gives out a natural ambience, for people who like to enjoy peaceful sounds of nature. There’s also an option for travel planning and in the end when you don’t use the tablet, you can still rely on it as a painting on the wall. This looks like an extremely thin slate, with a very comfortable virtual keyboard and an edge to edge screen that seems to expand to all sides of the device.

The Four Tablet seems to be a niche product, so it lacks a normal interface, widgets or any known OS. It relies simply on travel, weather and possibly multimedia playback. I’d say this is an overpowered photo frame, but I have a feeling there’s more to it than meets the eye. I certainly love that edge to edge screen, that’s for sure!