Back when we had the ASUS Transformer Infinity Pad for testing purposes, we played a very nice game on this full HD slate. It was called The Dark Meadow and at that time it was exclusive to Tegra devices. If you’re a Silent Hill fan you’ll really like this game, its gloomy atmosphere and… how difficult it can get.


We’ve got a decaying hospital as the environment and the game, albeit short is still very creepy. The Dark Meadow is a first person exploration game with an eerie atmosphere and the occasional Blood & Glory/Infinity Blade style combat. You can dodge, swipe to hit, parry and use a shield, plus use potions and various weapons. You level up, you use amulets and a ton of items. You explore various shelves for cash and also various bags and cabinets hidden all over the place.

The game has simple touch controls, that simply involves tapping on a door with a shining red circle to open it. You explore dark hallways, fight demons and collect gems and items. The annoying bit about the game is that the fights are too repetitive and they happen way too often to be truly fun. That’s when the game gets hard… Still, the experience is well sold and the game is worth a 9 out of 10. You can get it from here.