Glu Mobile launched a while ago a title called Frontline Commando, a static shooter, based on a middle eastern setting. The title requires Android 2.1 and up and we tested it on the OG ASUS PadFone. The game is available for free and as usual for Glu, you can get a ton of in app purchases to upgrade your experiences.


The game offers advanced physics and destructibles, console quality graphics and precise controls. There’s a lot of sniper action and even a survival mode that involves waves of ruthless enemies, that come from all directions. You can switch covers, equip rifles, snipers, shotguns, rocket launches and many more. You can get grenades, healing items and buy a ton of new items and also airstrikes to aid you in destroying enemies.

The game modes include Elimination, where you kill all foes, Survival, that involve you killing enemies before the timer runs out and Rescue, that means killing everyone but civilians. When the mission is done and you kill everyone, you get a war currency that you spend on weapons. There’s also an experience system for picking up stronger weapons as you increase in level. We give the game an 8 out of 10 and you can download it from here.