The usual Taiwanese sources, the ones that Digitimes quote every time are claiming that Nokia is back on the horse again, restarting its 10 inch tablet project. This time Windows RT is involved and we may see an unveiling at Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona, Spain. The event will take place between February 25-28 and we’ll be there to cover it.


The information about the tablet comes from Taiwanese supply chain makers and apparently Nokia was supposed to develop a 10 inch Windows RT tablet in the first quarter of the year. That model was based on the Qualcomm S4 CPU and Compal was to take ODM production under its wing. They also had to make 200k, test units to be shipped to the market. The problem came when Microsoft announced Surface and they let Microsoft experiment with that product, for a while, with Nokia focusing on smartphones.

Considering sales volume for the Windows RT have been lower than the expectations, Nokia has taken its time and evaluated the ordering volumes, plus it hasn’t yet decided on the marketing plans. With the technology advancing the way it does, we could see a quad core tablet this time, probably based on Qualcomm CPU, with a 10 inch display and a sleek design.