The popular Nook HD and HD+ tablets from Barnes & Noble are offering some of the best price for features value and are becoming most widespread on the market. With the manufacturer looking to further expand its list of services the tablets are about to become more attractive.


Featuring a very good quality HD 1440×900 display for the Nook HD, powered by a dual-core 1.3 Ghz chip the $200 tablet has plenty to offer, even more courtesy of the latest announcement from the manufacturer. As for the Nook HD+, here we have an even bigger 9-inch display offering the Full HD 1920×1280 pixels resolution, with an increased power 1.5 Ghz chipset.

Barnes & Noble has now announced its newest service that allows app and game developers to sell premium digital content to millions of customers via the Nook Store. The manufacturers plans for “the coming weeks and months” include offering a new in-app purchasing feature that will further expand the developers and users appeal. Through it users will be able to enjoy more content and benefit from freemium  game titles and also assets from the most advanced apps. For the new service consumers will need to enter credit card numbers before each payment and will simply be able to click a Pay button and the transaction will be completed in seconds.