Barnes & Noble unveiled its latest Nook tablet weeks ago, the model dubbed Nook 7 Tablet and today we find some interesting facts about it. The latest model is a rival to the $50 Fire Tablet and it retails for the very same price. The difference? It has “adoptable storage”.


Both the Nook 7 Tablet and Fire Tablet come with 8 GB of storage and microSD card slots, but the B&N product has as an extra, the “adoptable storage”. This idea was debuted by Google back in 2015, when Android 6.0 Marshmallow came. This function lets the microSD card slots be identified as internal storage. Many manufacturers have chosen to deactivate the adoptable storage, like LG or Samsung for example.

HTC and Motorola still support this function, though. Nook 7 Tablet is a $50 slate with stock Android and “adoptable storage”, so lovers of a pure Android experience will appreciate it. All you need to do is choose “format as internal” for the microSD card from the Settings. This also implies turning off the device before removing the card, if you activate the setting. Interesting and appealing device, to say the least.