As you probably know already, Samsung and Barnes & Noble are working together and the fruit of their work is a new NOOK, or better said a Galaxy Tab 4 filled to the brim with Nook content and customization. The product is cobranded by both and it’s accompanied by the videos below, that show people’s reaction to this partnership and the product.

nook samsung promo

Even a grumpy cat got included here and even it doesn’t hate the prospect of a Nook Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 model. The product is expected to keep the hardware of the Tab 4, but the overlay on top of Android should be all Nook, with the content at the forefront. Barnes & Noble has closed 63 stores over the past 5 years and it’s struggling to stay relevant in the book industry, that’s slowly dying.

Their business declined 22% year on year and at some point a few months ago there seemed to be no future for Nook. We knew that they were supposed to partner up with Microsoft at some point, but it seems Samsung became their main choice. The company actually quit the tablet business at some point, only to change its mind and come back with this product.