It has come to this… A Chinese teenager who is only 17 years of age was desperate enough to buy a new iPad, that she sold one of his kidneys for a mere 2,000 quid. Known as “Zheng”, the boy confessed to his mother about his actions, after he saw an online ad for organ donors.

The boy talked to Shenzhen TV and detailed his story, claiming that he wanted an iPad 2, but couldn’t afford it. He then saw the ad, travelled to the city of Chenzhou and had the kidney removed at a local hospital, that paid him for the organ. Such illicit actions are common in China, in spite of the government’s attempts to shut them down.

What’s worse is that the boy suffered complications following the surgery, but when he came back home in pain he had a laptop and a new Apple handset. The hospital denies this claim and I’m really curios to know Steve Jobs’ opinion about this. After all, making your fans sell a kidney to buy a product is a feat that no other company has achieved. However, I’m pretty sure that the next PSP will trigger similar reactions, although I hope no one gets hurt this time.