Remember when Apple lost the suit against Samsung in the UK? The Judge felt that the public deserves an explanation on the situation, so Apple was ordered to write on its official UK site that “Samsung does not copy its iPad with the Galaxy Tab”. Well, Apple did that… almost, since they wrote that the judge decided Samsung isn’t guilty, but other judges didn’t so they were sarcastic about it. And now they have to pay for that!

A court in the UK is forcing Apple to pay Samsung legal fees after the ironic posting. Groklaw is reporting that the United Kingdom Court of Appeal in London ordered Apple to pay for the full lawyer cost for Samsung. And we mean everything: parking, phone calls, maybe even their coffee. Previously the court had warned Apple to change their ironic message, that even included a section saying that Samsung’s tablets are not as cool as Samsung’s.

Apple quoted a judge’s ruling, that included the “cool” remark, to be honest, but still mockery is mockery and we’re not in third grade here. Will Apple dare to appeal to a simple decision of paying up Samsung’s lawyer fees? They might, but they’d look ridiculous in the process…

  • Just use the two side by side for an hour. Apple is so non-cool, so 1990’s, such a retarded and patronizing interface. Booorrriiinggg