Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is the star of the Samsung MWC 2017 show on Sunday, even being featured in the press invite to that show, as its contour appears on the invite. The device already leaked a ton of times and today it pops up in two more renders.

This Android model offers a physical Home button, flanked by a capacitive Recents and Back button and it’s also shown with an S Pen next to it. There’s a rear main camera with LED flash and the newcomer has a rectangular format with rounded corners. Judging from these pictures, the stylus seems a bit bigger than usual, thicker and maybe improved from the Note 7 one.

We’re expecting a Snapdragon 820 CPU inside, or maybe an Exynos, as well as 4 GB of RAM, a 12 MP back camera and LTE support. The waistline should be slim, just like for the predecessor and the body should be made of metal. February 26th will bring us more details, as well as a price I estimate at around $400 best case scenario, but it’ll probably be $500 or even $600.