Ever since tablets have entered the ecommerce space in the last years, they’ve been drawing some serious public, a move that must have made a bunch of retailers happy… and profitable. Tablet users use them at home, where they can explore new places to buy things. What we have below is an infographic from Milo, that shows the trends in tablet use and retail.

This means that retailers show custom their shopping experience, change their interfaces and prepare for the assault! Milo also makes a recommendation for retailers: 31% of tablet users compare prices on their device before a purchase in a brick and mortar store. Nearly 55 million Americans will own a tablet by the end of 2012 and almost 90 million will do so in the 2 years after that, so those are very impressive figures.

This is where Amazon is playing a huge card, since their shopping experience is already integrated seamlessly on the device, something also offered by the Nook Tablet. If you look at the area Habits of a Tablet user you’ll find that 58% of the tablet use occurs at home, 52% of tablet owners shop online using their tablets and 40% prefer to use a desktop/laptop. Honestly, with Android being the malware magnet it is, I guess that shopping on iOS sounds better right now, or even on the PC.