If you ever wondered how long it takes for an iPad 1 to boot in comparison with the iPad 2 and iPad 3, well, the video below pretty much clears it for you. Surprisingly, things are opposite from what we expected, as the newer the tablet the slower the boot process, it appears.

The iPad 1 is the first to boot, while the iPad 2 is only a bit behind and the iPad 3 is the biggest loser, being the last of the trio to enter the lockscreen. All 3 are in iOS 5.1 and the video is synced on the down click of the power button. The iPad 2 beats the iPad 3 by about 3 seconds, while CNET also did a test of their own with a huge difference between the iPad 2 and iPad 3: 13 seconds. People have also been mentioning random slowdowns of the iPad 3 and benchmark results also point towards a better iPad 2 in some areas. Is the Retina Display more of a curse than a blessing?

It is to blame for the battery drain/overheat (supposedly), for the slower performance and now for the slower booting. Are you willing to take that in exchange for a big resolution?