The figures for tablet shipments in the first 3 months of 2017 are in and they aren’t looking hot. Tablet shipments dropped by 34.5% in Q1 2017 compared to the last quarter of 2016. The info comes from TrendForce and includes several other drops.

The year on year decline is at 9.3%, according to the same source and overall tablet makers sold 31.95 million units in this time frame. The segment is dominated by Apple, with a 27.9% market share and 8.9 million units moved over Q1. Their figures dropped by 31.8% compared to last year and Samsung is placed second, with 6.1 million units shipped and 19.1% market share. They also registered a drop by 23.5%.

Huawei and Lenovo are third and fourth respectively, each with 2.1 million units moved, but with different market shares: 6.6% and 6.4%. Lenovo has the biggest drop in percentage, minus 43.8% from last year. Finally there’s Amazon in the mix, with 2 million units and a 6.3% share. The impact of the new and affordable iPad, the $329 one has yet to be felt, so Apple may experience a slight bump over the next months.

Meanwhile, they’re also rumored to bring new slates to WWDC 2017 next month. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S3 and Galaxy Book haven’t made a big splash yet, so their figures may also climb. Amazon also has new tablets ready, so Q2 will surely bring growth.