After last year, Japan Display developed a 12.1-inch 4K2K LCD panel with a resolution density of 365 ppi, it seems that now we have the opportunity to see a new display panel that measures now 10.1 inch. This panel offers an ultra-high resolution of 3.840 x 2.160 pixels, a resolution knowed as 4K2K.


This new product manages to incorporate low-temperature poly silicon technology that has been developed by JDI. This technology will provide low power consumption, low profile and narrow dead-band features. In real life, this 4K2K module manages to keep a power consumption as low as one 10.1 inch WQXGA LCD panel.


Japan Display has already begun to start shipping some samples of this new product that offers up to 438 ppi. This new kind of resolution on a tablet device will open a new way for high-reality immersive expressions of photos, video content or game content. It remains to see the price of the future tablets that will pack this panel.