Once again we have a TabCo tablet teaser on our hands, this time revealing a bit of the interface… Of course, the Nokia similarities are here again and this might be their work, with MeeGo included after all. As a bonus, there’s a livestream that was promised here on the launch day of the device:

As far as the new teaser is concerned, we managed to catch in action the tablet’s notification area, that seems to involve 3 columns in pure MeeGo style. Plus, in previous videos regarding TabCo, lots of swiping was mentioned, so it all points in the right direction. A couple of days ago, when the official WeAreTabCo Twitter account was asked if they are Nokia or not, the answer was simply “maybe”.

One thing’s for sure: August 15th can’t come soon enough. This is the date when the product becomes official and we learn finally if the Finns are the ones using planes to write on the sky that Apple sucks and they rule. Remember that this has still a slight change of not being Nokia and the most likely pranksters are Motorola and Microsoft.