We’ve kept you in touch with the whole TabCo story, assuming that in fact this product is Nokia’s very first tablet with MeeGo. Well, now TabCo is back, fresh after hacking a skyscraper to display their names and also after writing their name on the sky using a plane next to the WWDC building.

Now, TabCo have done it again, this time by giving a LIKE on Facebook to the word “Swipe”. We all know from the Nokia N9 presentations that Swipe is the key system of the MeeGo operating system. Also, this name applies to the N9/N950 Harmattan UI on MeeGo, so liking it may mean that the ties with Nokia are once again confirmed by TabCo.

Also notice that there’s a comment saying that this slate will also… “come with Megan Fox”, at least virtually. We can’t wait till next month, when TabCo/Nokia has something good coming, or so they wrote on a skyscraper.